Posted on June 20, 2017


We’d like to take the opportunity to welcome our new client, Law’s Country Kennel, of Roanoke, Indiana! The staff at Law’s loves and cares for your pets wonderfully; they have gorgeous grounds for your pets to roam; and offer extracurricular activities for your four-legged friends to enjoy! They also offer dog grooming and bathing services. 

When I first met Bill Law, Vice President, I could tell he knew his business inside and out and honestly cared about service. I went to Roanoke for a tour just like any potential new customer would, and was amazed at what I saw: pristine facilities, beautiful acreage, and kind and smiling staff. 

We are so thrilled to work with such a community-minded, passionate client. So, please, help us in welcoming Law’s Country Kennel to the SociallySeasoned family!