Posted on August 13, 2019

Let's talk for a moment about customer experience. Recently, my family and I had a dinner out at one of our favorite dining establishments in town, 800 Degrees Three Fires. No, they're not a client of mine, but we love this place so much that I would like to use it as an example. 


First off, the food they create is always delicious. (Seriously, go during August and try their pizza of the month: Mexican Street Corn Pizza!) The atmosphere is inviting. The service is stellar. The prices are spot on for what you receive. 

Secondly, the place appeals to different situations: family-friendly, date night out, friends grabbing dinner, and more. My husband and I used to have dates at their north Fort Wayne location before we had kiddos. 


Third, they make it unforgettable. When we first got seated at our table, the hostess left crayons and pizza-themed placemats for our girls to color. Then, the waitress asked if the kids would like "kids plates" and dough to play with. We took her up on it and it made for a painless wait (which wasn't long, by the way) for our food to arrive. You know, we have a 2 and 6 year old and at times, waiting for our meals at restaurants can get a little stressful. The "kids plate" has carrots, cucumbers, mozzarella chunks, and salami chunks cut in kid-sized pieces. The dough was brought in small pieces dusted with flour for the kids to play with like play-dough. We rolled it, made a few shapes, and played with it before our food arrived.

I'd like to think that the owners of this restaurant just thought for a little bit longer and a little bit harder about how to make eating at their establishment that much better than others in a city that is riddled with places at which to dine. This is what all businesses should strive for--that their customers' experiences are good enough to be blogged about when they get home. :-)