Posted on February 15, 2016

I check out my competition…who doesn’t? And, as digital marketing agencies are popping up everywhere nowadays, I’m shocked by some of the work I see.

1. Do you have experience and education in the marketing/communication field?
Yes, it matters. Your social media manager should have the experience in specifically managing social media accounts, marketing experience in general, and also an education in marketing/communication. Otherwise, how will they be able to strategically plan for your social media campaigns? There is something to be said about an experienced and educated individual creating content to share with the public on behalf of your business! One bad post could ruin your reputation.

2. Do you use scheduling software?
Sure, it’s great (and sometimes crucial) to create real-time messages, but as a social media manager I can tell you that life gets busy. You have a meeting, you get caught in a last minute job, you get consumed by a big project, and the list goes on. You then realize at 10pm that you haven’t posted anything for your client that day. And, now it’s too late. There is no way that someone can spend their entire day on your social media channels while also handling their other clients' and their own and also post messages at peak times. That’s why it’s important to know if your social media manager will be scheduling some messages out. 
3. What types of content will you be sharing? 
This should all be planned when the agency does their initial client discovery with you. They should be asking you questions about your competitors, company personality, and more. If they’re going to be posting on social media on behalf of your business, they should know it very well. 

4. Are you an effective communicator of the English language? 
(Of course, you don’t come right out and ask that, but ask to see some of their work. They should be able to send you links to their clients’ social media accounts or, send you right to their portfolio.) Recently, I visited one of my “competitors’” Facebook Page and they had shared a post of one of their clients for a contest they were running. Not only did the second sentence begin with a misspelled word, they misspelled their client’s name! Please, do check in on your social media accounts even if you have an agency managing them! 

5. How will I know that my social media accounts are effectively marketing my business?
Reports. And not just any old reports they create for you. Reports should be customized to YOUR company based upon the initial information that you gave the agency about how you would determine that social media would be successful to you. This is a partnership and you DO have a say!

6. How will you gain followers/fans on my social media accounts?
This is a biggie! There are agencies out there that just run contests after contests to gain exposure. While this can sometimes be an effective tool to increase reach, if the agency is not also consistently putting quality content out there, the point is moot. Also, you want to make sure that your following consists of quality people—not from foreign countries, not ones that will only “Like” your page because of the current promotion.