Posted on December 19, 2014

1. Visual Marketing

While images are already prominent in 2014, visual marketing will continue to grow in 2015. This includes pieces of content such as infographics and data visualizations. Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest continue to grow in popularity.

2. Mobile Content

Mobile content will be a larger focus during 2015. More and more internet use is on mobile devices. This means that mobile-friendly websites are a must.

3. Influence of Friends

Customers in 2015 will be increasingly influenced by purchasing habits of their peers. One recent poll found that 68 percent of customers were at least somewhat likely to purchase after seeing a friend's post about a product or service.

4. Customer Service

Social media allows customers to say whatever they want about your products and services on the internet. This gives them a voice that can influence whether or not your product sells successfully. Social listening is important along with offering good customer service in the first place. This will give them positive things to talk about.

5. Personalization

Personalization has been a large part of digital marketing, but next year it will be an even larger focus. Figuring out how to personalize messaging about your products and services to prospective customers and clients will be key.

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