Posted on April 04, 2016

Over this last fall, I joined the New Haven, Indiana Sesquicentennial Committee to volunteer my time and services to help promote the year long celebration. At this first meeting, I met a kind and quiet man named Rod King. After getting to know him I gathered that he is a freelance writer who has articles published in The News-Sentinel. After he learned about what I did he said he thought he should write an article about me and my business. I thought, "what is there to write?" Lo and behold, this evening, I made the front page of the newspaper. (Click on image for full story.)

The News-Sentinel

I know I don't deserve it. I am humbled and so grateful for the opportunity to share my story to hopefully encourage some other momma out there who has a cool idea for a cool business to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds like I do. I'm overwhelmed today thinking about how supported I am by my village and my Savior. Life is good. 

Thanks for all the support,