Posted on March 02, 2018

I have been helping an author with her social media and blog for about a year now. This person is like a mentor to me in a lot of ways and her blog posts are such golden nuggets of truth and full of inspiration. Her name is Jill Clay and after having gone through the unimaginable in her life, she, with bravery and courage wrote a book called Standing Firm on Feet of Clay

I would like to think that if something huge happened in my life that I would eventually be able to share that story so that it could potentially help others. It's hard to say, but this woman has put herself out there; she has GUTS! I am inspired and encouraged by that, especially as a woman business owner and a mother and I hope it inspires you, too. 

You can check out her blog and book to see what I mean. "Like" her page on Facebook, too, for blog posts and more!