Posted on August 09, 2019

I learned my lesson last year. I took a position that I thought would be more flexible than it ended up being and became so consumed in my work that I felt like I wasted the summer away working. Well, that is what most grown-ups do, right? 

This summer, I decided that even though I own my own business and am an Adjunct Faculty, I would dedicate my summer to my kids. Of course, I would serve my clients and students with the best service, but would only take on as much work as I could to balance both. This year, I would focus more on showing my kiddos what a fun school break looked like, like my mom did for us kids. I'm happy to report that as we wind down the last week of summer vacation, we have visited: 

  • the zoo several times
  • family in Pennsylvania
  • parks and splash pads
  • Cook's Bison Ranch (and got up close to feed bison)
  • the Spangler Candy Factory (and ate way too many dum-dums)
  • Sechler's Pickle Factory (and tried all the pickles)
  • our own backyard garden and eaten many veggies fresh off the vine

Oh, and guess what? I signed on three new clients, started a complete rebrand of a nonprofit, began a complete website redesign for a nonprofit, added services to existing clients, and taught three courses. I also connected with some amazing people who have increased my network and taught me new things! 

I don't write this to brag about all I've done this season. Some days, balance seems impossible. Other days, balance seems achievable. Do I want growth for my business? Yes. Do I want to be present for my children? Yes. I know that I will not regret this summer of fun even if it means slower growth for my company. Raising my family is more important. I'm thankful to have clients who understand and agree with my philosophy.