Posted on August 23, 2019

Boy, do I understand a good pivot in life. Last night, I felt I was not alone as fellow professionals in our community discussed their stories which included big, life-altering pivots of their own. OCEAN NEI's event last night "Pivot" held at The Club Room at The Clyde, (amazing venue, by the way), was encouraging and raw. 


Curtis Smith of Parkview Health discussed his pivot--a complete career change and the mental and emotional sides of that. What a story! Thank you for sharing that you admitted you HAD a period of darkness and that you sat in that for awhile before God moved you to your new opportunity.


Mitch Kruse of Restoration Road discussed his pivot--the loss of his business and complete change from business to ministry (including going back to school!) "Move from trusting in the gifts to trusting in the giver" is something Mitch said that I loved!

Then the floor was open for questions and I am so proud of the people who stood up and revealed some of themselves and asked the good questions that more of us were wondering than not. 

It didn't hurt that I ran into many familiar faces and met new amazing people as well! Thank you, Ocean NEI for another great event!