Posted on October 09, 2019

As an entrepreneur, people are always asking me what "my why" is. They want to know the reason I started my own business-- what passion is/was behind me founding my own. 

My "why" is three parted. First, it's family. Second, it's a passion to help the local business. Third, it's leading a vision.

My husband and I struggled getting pregnant with our first daughter. Once we did, my pregnancy went so smoothly and I felt so blessed. I had been working as a social media manager and was really enjoying this work, but always knew I wanted to create a business myself. 

Marlena Kay was born on April 29, 2013 and all was well...until later that day when a nurse took her vitals and told us her heart rate was very low. As she was rushed up to the NICU and I was still in recovery, our happiness turned to panic. Once her pediatric cardiologist came to visit after test upon test being run, he diagnosed our sweet little baby with Bradycardia, a potentially fatal heart condition where more time than normal elapses in between heartbeats. People who don't know they have/are not being treated for Bradycardia have experienced fainting, heart failure, or worse, sudden death. 

As the doctors continued to run tests each day, treat for infection just in case, and poke and prod our little babe, we just prayed. Day in and day out for a week, we just prayed. On the fifth day of being in the NICU, our pediatric cardiologist came to visit us and told us that in reading her most recent test results, her condition had completely gone away. Talk about a miracle. Our little girl is now a big sister, smart first grader, and kind friend with a love for inventing, science, and singing.


THIS is my number one reason for founding SociallySeasoned. I knew that God gave us an amazing opportunity to care for and raise this little girl and we didn't want to entrust anyone else with this responsibility. Thus sparked my further research into starting a business, digital marketing, and all things social media. Since then, we have added another little miracle to our family, Ruby Jane. Having the flexibility and charge over my schedule has been such a huge blessing and benefit.

In addition to this super important reason, I have always had a love for local businesses and nonprofits. Whenever my family travels, we always seek out the local restaurant at which to dine and the local shops to peruse. We also prefer to give to nonprofits who make an impact directly in our community. Supporting local is more than spending money and getting products. It's supporting families, neighbors, and our local economy. 

I also have always found myself in leadership/ownership positions for projects, committees, Boards, and groups. Leading a team, carrying out a vision, and a mission have always been a skill and passion for me. Helping businesses and nonprofits find their voice and create a larger impact gets me excited. 

I hope this information gives you a better understanding as to why SociallySeasoned means so much to me. This is not just another job. It's important on many levels. I am honored my clients entrust me with their own organization's voice.

-Sarah, CEO