Posted on September 27, 2019

Usually when an event is planned for a nonprofit organization, an event committee is formed. Often times, the event committee and the marketing committee don't make it a goal to communicate with each other and this is why I've written this article. 

Below are reasons why it's so important to involve marketing folks in event planning and how much more successful the event can be if these tactics are implemented.

10 Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Events

1. Share the event goals with your marketing committee. This will help them to determine more specifically the strategy in marketing your event.

2. Once date, theme, and hashtag are set, it’s time to design an event logo.

3. Create save the date images for website event page and home page, blog post, social media sites, email, and print materials. 

4. As far as print materials go, postcards are a great way to save printing and postage cost. Use them to set out at other events, place in the office, hand out at meetings, send with Board and committee members for them to hand out at their places of work and as they’re out in the community. Mail postcards to intended audience. 

5. Eventbrite is one of the best sites to use for ticketing that also integrates into other digital marketing channels. 

6. Determine an influencer list of people to whom you can give complimentary tickets. These influencers should be tasked up front with promoting your event to their circle of influence—whether that be on social media or in person. (Be sure they have postcards too!) 

7. PR! (Specific tactics will depend on #1 above.) Create press releases, have your Executive Director or Board Chair appear on media outlet interviews, post teasers on social media and BE SURE to have all of the information on your website, include in your newsletter, send and email to your database.

8. Speaking of social media, strongly encourage your organization's circle of influence (staff, volunteers, Board members, supporters) to share the social media posts and Facebook event on their timelines. 

9. At the event, if there is a presentation on the screen, programs, or any print materials, be sure to stay consistent with the event logo and hashtag. If people want to post on social media about their experience (before, after, or during the event), they should be able to easily find the hashtag and your social media usernames.

10. Finally, after the event, if an email survey or thank you note of any kind is sent, be sure to include all event marketing pieces (logo, hashtag) and photos from the event. 

It's my hope that these basic tips will help in marketing your next nonprofit event. If you need further help, don't hesitate to reach out! Our CEO, Sarah, has years of experience serving on nonprofit Boards and committees.