Posted on May 20, 2019

I recently read a devotional called "The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" by J. Ashley Jensen and it had so many nuggets of thought-provoking truth that I thought I'd share one which wrapped up the series. 

"One thing I know is that dreams restore people. Dreams help people pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get on with it. Dreams help us get up every morning, and they keep us awake at night about what could be and should be in the world around us. Joseph’s dream was coming to pass.

It takes years and years to see your dream come to pass. Scholars say it took Joseph roughly 20-25 years from the time he had the dream until the time he saw it fulfilled. The formula isn’t just time though. It’s time + process + growth. Time is going to move forward. Are you? Time moves forward no matter what. It just keeps ticking away. Our part in the process is growth. If we have a big dream then we need to be big people. The process of the dream is what helps us move forward in growth and see our dream happen!"

Sometimes we want things to happen all at once, but we should know that by working hard, staying positive, and building upon/learning from life experiences as we go, good things happen in the end. However, sometimes something BIG and GOOD can happen instantaneously. Joseph had a life-altering situation when Potiphar put him in charge of his household. His life changed in a big and good way.

This reminds me of social media marketing sometimes. We can keep plugging away and posting photos and videos and slowly but surely, we can help build our audience and engagement. But, sometimes you create an eye-catching ad, zero in on your audience, put some funds behind it, and the magnificent happen in a big and good way. 

So, what are you dreaming for your business? Are you ready for that breakthrough?