Posted on September 03, 2019

Recently, as I do almost every week in the summer, I picked up some local sweet corn from a nearby farm stand. (It's the only crop we can't figure out how to keep deer from destroying.) I brought it home and planned to shuck it later. Some we would eat for dinner, but most we would cut and freeze to enjoy later on this winter. 


I picked my first-grader up from school that afternoon and she was so excited to see the corn on the counter. I told her I was going to shuck it in a little bit and she insisted on helping. While I knew that she hadn’t mastered the art yet, that it would make a bigger mess, and that it may end up requiring more patience on my part, I agreed. (Did you see all of those reasons in the prior sentence why I could have said, “No, thanks.”?) You see, my six year old is a helper. Her love language is quality time. She enjoys teaching her little sister new things. She, like her mom, gets a thrill marking off tasks on her chore chart. 

Effective leaders... they get this whole patience thing. They understand that even if *right now* they may not get exactly what they want, done exactly the way they want it, eventually others will be taught and groomed and become leaders themselves (which is WAY worth the little time lost now.) 

So, for now, I’ll take the help. I’ll teach my kids (and team) how to do the unpleasant things. I’ll help clean up the messes. It will all be a part of their growing process (and mine, too.) They will be doers so that they will be equipped to be leaders who are doers. It's called servant leadership.