Posted on July 21, 2019

I don't have the water cooler chats, grab lunch with your cube-mate days, or after-work golf experiences that someone working in a large corporate environment may have anymore. I traded that for the thrilling, nail-biting world of entrepreneurship and more quality time with my family. 

However, I am impressed daily with how my husband's workplace, Do it Best Corp. continually focuses on making their global headquarters (right here in New Haven, Indiana) an amazing culture to work in. Some of the things he's been involved in include joining the Employee Board, being selected to take part in their own Emerging Leaders program, and yes, playing on their golf league which allows him to golf with his work buddies every Tuesday evening. I couldn't have asked for a better work family for him to join and thus myself to come alongside, too. There are many work hosted events that I and my girls get to join him at. For example, the annual Christmas party (which they make so fun for the kids,) Summer Nights (live music, food trucks, and games,) Easter party (with Easter bunny and lots of activities,) and the annual summer picnic (coming up soon at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo this year!) 


Last week, we had the opportunity to have an informal get-together at JK O'Donnell's in Fort Wayne with the Employee Board. I had a blast getting to know his co-workers and finding connections with them! What does your workplace do to allow their employees to become involved in something a little more meaningful, to allow them to build friendships with their co-workers?